Board Elections

Nominations are now open. Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by another Fellow SEMPA member in good standing. Candidates must be a SEMPA Fellow member in good standing.  

Nominated candidates must complete and submit: 

1) Board of Directors Candidate Profile
2) Platform Statement Form with accompanying Platform Statement 
3) Current CV

Official declaration is when a nomination is received in writing, or electronically, by the Society. The declaration period is now open and will close September 30 at 11:59 p.m.  

All required materials must be included together with your submission and they must be complete. 

Applications must be sent to SEMPA: 

ATTN: Board of Directors Elections
1125 Executive Circle
Irving, TX  75038-2522

Electronic submissions, which must include all the required materials in one e-mail, can be sent to: 

The Board of Directors reserves the right to verify information on a candidate’s platform statement and/or CV.

Campaign Materials

Candidates’ application, CV and platform statement will be made available to the SEMPA membership by the first week in November and available throughout the voting process. 

Candidates will have time prior to the election to solicit votes and the membership will have the opportunity to ask candidates questions. 

If the Society distributes any written or electronic election material(s) for any Board of Director candidate at the Society's expense, it shall make available, at the Society's expense, to each nominee, in or with the same material, the same amount of space that is provided any other nominee, with equal prominence.  

Voting and Ballots

Eligible voters are Fellow members in good standing. Voting for SEMPA Board of Directors will open the week following Thanksgiving and close no later than mid-December.

A majority of valid ballots shall elect the President-Elect, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. The candidates for Director at Large positions receiving the highest number of votes cast shall be elected to office, up to the number of available positions.

In the event that there is no majority, a run-off election between the candidates receiving the most votes for the affected position shall be held. The run-off election will run in length no more than seven (7) days. A majority of valid ballots shall elect in a run-off election. 

SEMPA management services group will tally and give final voting results to the Secretary-Treasurer for review. The Secretary-Treasurer will inform each candidate of the election outcome within three (3) business days from the close of the election.

Once candidates are informed of the election outcome, the SEMPA membership will be notified.

Installation of Board

The installation of the newly elected Board of Directors begins upon the commencement of the first Board meeting following each year’s election.