10th Annual
New Orleans, LA
March 23-27, 2014

Experience New Orleans


What do you really need to know about New Orleans that you don't already know? New Orleans is all about the good times, rich history and great nightlife. With so much to do and see, maybe we can offer a little help to funnel through it all!


Join us for the celebrations that take place throughout the year in New Orleans.
Jazz, zydeco, blues, Cajun & funk. Find out where to hear great music 365 days a year.
Opera, ballet, classical music, live Broadway shows and other productions make for a sensational cultural season.
From the elegant hotels and restaurants to the fantastic music clubs, shopping and more…all are found here.
Get information on the people & places that helped make New Orleans the city it is today.
Take a walk through history and visit the museums & homes that chronicle our past.
Pro football & basketball, golfing, fishing, AAA baseball, horse racing and more.
Whether it be on horseback, the tennis court or the golf course – New Orleans is your premier recreation destination.
What's the difference between a creole cottage and a camelback? Find the answer to this and more.
Antiques, cool art, vintage clothing, one of a kind jewelry. We've got it all in the bag.
We've got tours for everyone from the French Quarter & historic homes to voodoo & swamps.
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Virtual SEMPA 2014
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