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Board Candidates

SEMPA’s Nominating Committee is proud to present the 2018-2019 Board of Directors Candidate Slate (please note that personal information has been redacted):  

President Elect

Dayna Jaynstein, MSPAS, PA-C   CV Platform Statement

Vice President

Lamont Hunter, MPH, PA-C   CV Platform Statement          

Director at Large (two seats open)  

Janelle Bludorn, MS, PA-C   CV | Platform Statement

Philip DaVisio, BS, PA-C, CAQ-EM   CV | Platform Statement 

Josh Higgins, MPAS, PA-C   CV | Platform Statement

Voting and Ballot

All eligible voters are encourage to participate by voting in the SEMPA Board of Directors election. Eligible voters are Fellow, Military and Resident members in good standing.

Voting for SEMPA Board of Directors will open in the week following Thanksgiving and close in December. An electronic ballot will be sent to eligible voters, with paper ballots going to any eligible voter that does not have an email address associated with his or her member account. Only one vote per eligible voter may be cast.

A majority of valid ballots shall elect the President-Elect, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. The candidates for Director at Large positions receiving the highest number of votes cast shall be elected to office, up to the number of available positions. 

SEMPA management services group will tally and give final voting results to the Secretary-Treasurer for review. Each candidate will be informed of the election outcome within three (3) business days from the close of the election. Once all candidates are informed, an announcement of the new Board of Directors will be made to the SEMPA members.

If you have any questions about the SEMPA election process, please send them to sempa@sempa.org.