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If the work load for SEMPA requires a specialized work group, the Board of Directors will create the appropriate committee. Committees will assist the Board with its work. 

Annually, the Board will delegate work to committees in the form of objectives.  The committee will then be responsible for accomplishing these objectives.

Committees can meet either in person or via conference call at the will of the President, Executive Board or Committee Chair.

The Board can create or dissolve committees, which require a majority vote.


SEMPA has the following committees:

  • Education Committee
  • External Relations/Advocacy Committee
  • Leadership Committee 
  • Membership Committee
  • Nominating/Elections Committee
  • Postgraduate Committee    

Financial Considerations

No monies will be designated for committees except for budgeted conference calls.  Monies may be requested by the committee by submitting a formal request to the Board. All speakers or activities requiring funding must be approved by the Board.  Allotted staff time for each committee will be at the discretion of the President based on the specific objectives assigned to the committee.   


Orientation will be provided to new committee members and Committee Chairs.  

Committee Membership

Committee members will be appointed by the President at his/her discretion. Applications will be solicited from all members on an annual basis, but committee members may be assigned at any time.

The SEMPA Board of Director committee member will be a standing member.

Committee Chair Responsibilities

The Chair will serve a one-year term that will begin and end at the SEMPA Annual Conference.   

The Chair will accomplish all objectives as set forth by the Board within an appropriate timeline.

The Chair will submit a bi-annual committee report to the Board. 

Member Responsibilities

Committee members will serve a one-year term and assist the Chair in accomplishing the objectives assigned to the committee.

Committee Member Application 

The Board of Directors is currently accepting applications for the SEMPA committees.

If you are interested in serving on a SEMPA Committee, you must complete the SEMPA Committee Member Application Form and submit it with a current CV. Letters of support are allowed to be submitted with your materials.  

Your completed application, current CV and any letters of support must be submitted together. You may submit these electronically or in hard-copy format, but they must be submitted in the same format at the same time. SEMPA  is not responsible for ensuring that materials submitted by an applicant that is in different formats and/or at different times are put together in the same application packet.  

Electronic submissions should be sent to committees@sempa.org

Hard-copy submissions should be sent to:

ATTN: SEMPA Committees
4950 W Royal Ln      
Irving, TX  75063