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Member Benefits

As a member of the only society dedicated to emergency medicine physician assistants, you have access to diverse benefits designed for your professional and personal advancement.  

To access the codes to take advantage of these SEMPA member benefits, log in to the secure SEMPA site.   


Practice Management Resources 

SEMPA News & SEMPA Weekend Edition - Ranked by SEMPA members as one of the most valuable member benefits 
*not available outside of membership*  

SEMPA Conference Discount - Members save nearly 50% off the non-member rate 
*a value of up to $335*  

ACEP Bookstore Discount - SEMPA members receive the same discount as ACEP members
*not available through any other PA organization*  

ACEP eCME - Free and discounted CME courses available exclusively to SEMPA members
*not available through any other PA organization*  

ACEP Now - SEMPA members will receive a free subscription to ACEPNow 
*a value of $230 and not available through any other PA organization*  

Annals of Emergency Medicine - SEMPA members receive a free electronic version and members can order a year subscription of the hard-copy version to be mailed directly to them for only $12 a year 
*a value of $255 and not available through any other PA organization*  

EM:RAP - Members receive a 15% discount off the regular rate for a SEMPA Member discounted subscription rate of $200 year

Emergency Medical Abstracts - SEMPA members that get the discounted EM:RAP subscription will also have access to Emergency Medical Abstracts though the EM:RAP site

EMSono - Members receive a more than 50% discount off the regular rate for a subscription rate of $175 a year
*a value of $185*

Rosh Review EM CAQ - Members receive a 25% discount off the regular rate for a yearly subscription rate 
*a value of more than $120*

SEMPA/Rosh Review Postgraduate Assessment Program - EMPA Postgraduate Program Directors that are SEMPA members can subscribe to this SEMPA-designed program
*not available through any other PA organization*

ECGWeekly - Members receive a year subscription for $13    

Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine - Deep discount offered 

Emergency Medicine Practice - Members receive $180 off regular price

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice - Members receive $150 off regular price


Career and Professional Development  

Advocacy - SEMPA is advocating for your profession and patients

SEMPA Career Center - Access to jobs across the nation at no charge

 Emergency Medicine: A Toolkit for Students - This toolkit introduces students and new graduates to the field of emergency medicine, and serves as a resource to answer practice and career questions. 

Emergency Medicine: A Toolkit for Practicing PAs - This toolkit provides an extensive list of emergency medicine education resources and tools as well as the history of the profession, pertinent medical laws, career planning and contract negotiation information.

SEMPA Clinical Cases - Monthly and archived cases 


Personal Resources 

SoFi – Student loan refinancing with a range of options to optimize monthly payments, lifetime cost or speed of pay off.

SEMPA Insurance Programs - Personal and family coverage available

 Office Depot - Discounts of up to 90%

SEMPA Medical Coats - Members receive a 15% discount on coats embroidered with the SEMPA logo