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SEMPA/Rosh Postgraduate Assessment Program

The SEMPA/Rosh Review Postgraduate Assessment Program gives EMPA program directors the tools and resources needed to assess trainee’s medical knowledge individually and in comparison with other emergency medicine physician assistant (EMPA) residents/fellows.

The subscription-based product provides a measureable means of identifying and documenting the value of postgraduate EMPA program training. It also gives EMPA postgraduate programs access to an extensive question bank from which program directors can assess their trainees’ medical knowledge base and identify areas where there may be opportunities for improvement in subject matter instruction.

As part of this assessment program, annual SEMPA/Rosh Review Mid-Program and Final Exams are available and allow programs a means of evaluating their own didactic education performance. In addition, it allows programs to see how their learners compare to those in other participating programs. 

Mid-Program and Final Exam data from each program are calculated by Rosh Review and the scores are reported to each program. The score report provides an overall score and systems based category score for each learner in the program as well as for the overall class. Each participating program also receives an anonymous (other program names not specifically provided with scores) program comparison report. This report includes individual and program high, low, and median results for your program compared to other participating programs. The scores are released to the program director’s dashboard at a date to be specified in the future on an annual basis.

Those interested in learning more or getting a subscription to the SEMPA/Rosh Review Postgraduate Assessment Program can email support@roshreview.com. For those programs who already have a subscription and want to participate in the Mid-Program and Final Exams please contact SEMPA at sempa@sempa.org.