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Why Join SEMPA?

Join Now Button.jpgAs the national organization representing emergency medicine physician assistants, SEMPA understands the challenges you
face as an EMPA. And that's never been more evident than during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

SEMPA continues to provide its members the most up-to-date and relevant COVID-19 information and resources through its COVID-19 Resources Section of the SEMPA website. SEMPA has also partnered with Hilton and Marriott to provide its members free rooms while working on the frontlines. SEMPA has also been working on Capitol Hill to ensure that all health care providers have much-needed PPE. And we have a safe and secure place for EMPAs to discuss all things COVID-19 with colleagues across the country. 

SEMPA also is working hard on your behalf to ensure that you have the day-to-day tools, resources, ongoing education and support you need to provide the highest of patient care. Along with that comes a wide array of valuable member benefits that include:

  • Education conferences & courses
  • Online CME offerings
  • Practice resources to advance your medical practice
  • Advocacy on your behalf
  • Daily emergency medicine news
  • Career opportunities & tools
  • Insurance programs
  • Benefits that are not available through any other PA organization
  • And much more!

Just take a look at the overview below to see the value of a SEMPA membership. Just one benefit alone is enough to more than cover not only one year, but two years of membership. And that’s just ONE benefit! 

Then there are the member benefits that aren't available through any other PA organization:

  • SEMPA News & SEMPA Weekend Edition
  • Member discounts on the SEMPA 360 annual conference
  • A free subscription ACEP Now 
  • A 91% discount on Annals of Emergency Medicine 
  • And more

A SEMPA membership offers you a lot of value, especially when you consider it's an average of only $13 a month!

Take a look at the overview below to see for yourself all that SEMPA has to offer you. Then be sure to check out all of our member benefits designed to help you provide the highest quality of patient care.

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Career and Professional Box Revised II - Circles.jpg

Personal Discounts Box Revised II - Circles.jpg

SEMPA welcomes all emergency medicine PAs and allied professionals. So, join now to start taking advantage of all it has to offer to build clinical skills, grow careers and better serve patients. 

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