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Guidelines for the Submission of Abstracts

Submission Deadline: 5:00 pm Central Time, Wednesday, February 14, 2018

  1. Only reports of original emergency medicine research or innovations may be submitted. Only abstracts submitted using the SEMPA online abstract submission form will be considered.

  2. The abstract (or data or resultant paper) must not have been published in a peer-reviewed journal prior to SEMPA 360.

  3. SEMPA 360 is a forum for presentation of novel research findings. Only reports of original emergency medicine research may be submitted. Abstracts cannot be presented at a national or international meeting prior to the first day of the SEMPA 360.

    1. If identical abstracts are accepted at two meetings (in violation of the above stipulation) then one must be withdrawn and SEMPA staff must be notified. If acceptance of a previously presented abstract is discovered prior to presentation, it will be withdrawn and acceptance of future abstracts will be jeopardized. If dual presentation of identical abstracts is discovered after presentation, the acceptance of future abstracts may be jeopardized and any award associated with the abstract will be withdrawn.

    2. Submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment by the author(s) to present it if accepted. Failure to present, if not justified, will jeopardize future acceptance of abstracts for SEMPA.

  4. It is the authors’ responsibility to submit abstracts free of typographical or other errors. Abstracts will be published as submitted.

  5. Abstract decision letters will be sent via email to the corresponding authors no later than March 14, 2018. Please ensure that the email provided is accurate, as all correspondence will be sent via email. Please do not contact the SEMPA office prior to March 8, 2017 to inquire about abstract acceptance decisions.

  6. All decisions of the Program Committee are final. SEMPA will not consider requests for appeals nor can SEMPA provide specific feedback to authors.

  7. Definition of Innovations: Authors are invited to share innovative methodologies and exchange ideas to improve emergency medicine. We encourage submissions that represent works in progress, recent innovations or established projects. Please Note: This category is not for presentation of research conducted using the innovation.

    Innovations should include the following sections:
    Introduction/Background (this should include a statement of need)

  8. In addition to the above, innovations will be scored on originality and applicability outside the individual emergency department.

  9. The SEMPA system is an all-at-once submission process. You must be prepared to fill out the entire submission form. Please check that you have all the author's names and titles spelled as they would like to see them in print. Be sure that your abstract text is spell checked and grammatically correct before inserting into the submission form. You will not be able to edit after submission.

  10. Abstracts are limited to 2,000 characters, including spaces. This does not include the title or authors' names and affiliations.

  11. Up to two additional tables or images can be included and uploaded on the form. The abstract summary character count is not affected by the inclusion of these tables/images. For optimum publishing quality, tables/images should be high resolution JPEG images. File names must be less than 120 characters and contain no spaces.

Abstracts must be organized in a structured format as follows:

Research Abstract Structure

Innovations Structure


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