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May 3-7, 2018 | San Antonio, TX

Innovation Submissions

Innovations should include the following sections:

Introduction/Background (this should include a statement of need): The purpose of this section is to explain why the innovation is important to the emergency medicine community. This may include prior research, gaps in knowledge, new or updated requirements that need to met, etc.

Example:  The ability to effectively perform nerve blocks to provide regional anesthesia for facial procedures is an important skill in emergency medicine (EM). Having the ability to practice these techniques on realistic models builds confidence and proficiency prior to performing these procedures in a clinical setting. An improved example would include prior efforts, research, or evidence of gaps in skill or knowledge. 

Objectives: This section should contain a clear description or list of what objectives the innovation is designed to meet.

Design: The curricular design section should contain a detailed description of the innovation. This should include a discussion of why the method was chosen, a concise but thorough description of the module itself(including resources needed and tips for successful implementation), and methods of assessment used. In addition, reflect on any reflective initial difficulties encountered or lessons learned and modifications made.

Impact/Effectiveness: This section should contain a discussion of how this innovation contributes on a broad scale to emergency medicine, and if possible should provide objective evidence of effectiveness.  

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