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Joining SEMPA or renewing your membership has never been easier. We offer three quick and convenient options:  

Option 1
Join or renew online. Simply create an online account and join – it takes about three minutes to sign up. If you are a renewing member, log in using your username and password.  

Option 2
Call the Customer Care Center. Call 877.297.7594 and ask for the Customer Care Center - they will be able to quickly and easily take care of you over the phone.

Option 3
Mail in your application. Fill out the member application and mail it to SEMPA Customer Care Center, 1125 Executive Circle, Irving, TX, 75038.

Make sure you don't miss out on any of the great member benefits SEMPA offers by joining or renewing today!

If you choose to use the online form and can't remember your username and password or if you experience problems with the form, e-mail the Customer Care Center or call 877.297.7594 and ask for the Customer Care Center.