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COVID-19 Communication Hub

SEMPA has teamed up with ACEP to create a SEMPA-specific channel on ACEP’s engagED platform. What that means is that we have created a SEMPA communication forum specifically for COVID-19 discussion called SEMPA COVID-19 Communications Hub. You can discuss anything including what‘s happening at your hospital; challenges you are facing; lessons learned; the latest news; and your mental, physical and emotional well-being during this time. 

To join, you will need to opt into the SEMPA COVID-19 Communication Hub. To do so, simply click here and sign up. Once signed up, you will be sent an email with instruction on how to log in and use the communication hub.

Please note: 
The default delivery setting for email notifications from this community is 'real-time'. If you wish to limit the number of emails generated by this group, please log in to engagED, click the "My Profile" block on the far left of the home page and then the "My Account" tab. Choose "Community Notifications" from the drop-down menu.  On that page, there are subscription options: Real Time, Daily Digest, No Email.   

For each discussion, you have the following delivery options:

  • Real-time: sends an email every time a new message is posted.
  • Daily digest: sends one email to you each day, consolidating all of the posts from the previous day.
  • No Email: allows you to be part of the group without having emails sent to you. You can still post and read others’ messages by logging into the community site.

We hope that you will take advantage of the SEMPA COVID-19 Communication Hub and that it serves as a valuable resource during this unprecedented time in health care.

Sign up for the SEMPA COVID-19 Communications Hub.