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Ain’t Easy Being Wheezy 

Join Dr. Charles Emerman, Department Chair of Emergency Medicine at Metrohealth/Case Western Reserve University, as he discusses best practices related to asthmatic patients. Dr. Emerman offers up solutions for quick identification and appropriate treatment with bronchodilators, corticosteroids, to prevent further deterioration of this patient population.
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This episode is supported by Amgen and AstraZeneca


High-Flow Nasal Cannula

Drop in with "Big Jim", Dr. James Neuenschwander, for an update on high-flow nasal cannula as we transition from the years that were almost exclusively COVID to a potpourri of many things viral. This podcast looks at the supporting evidence and the role this bucket of technology plays in the airway management toolbox. You also get to hear the broken nose bowling story!
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This episode is supported by Fisher & Paykel

Influenza in the Era of COVID

Drs. Paul Auwaerter and David Talan offers pearls for caring for patients with influenza in the ED this flu season, including identifying patients at high risk of complications, recognizing patients who should receive antivirals for prophylaxis or treatment, and reviewing efficacy and safety of available antivirals.
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Stroke and COVID-19 

Listen to the discussion on the different factors that affect the presentations of stroke in the emergency department due to COVID-19 and how you can advocate for improved care for stroke patients.
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Head Injury

It's in the Blood

Join Dr. Robert Welch in on the conversation of how assessing head injuries in the emergency department and front line settings are evolving quickly; and how plasma tests and other technologies are a promising step forward regarding risk assessment and imaging stewardship.
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This episode supported by Abbott Point of Care.

Hepatic Encephalopathy

Is Your Patient Altered?

Drs. Christopher Baugh and Arun B. Jesudian discuss ACEP’s New emPOC tool, ALTERD, that helps identify and treat patients with Hepatic Encephalopathy in the ED. Support for this episode was provided through an unrestricted grant from Salix Pharmaceuticals.
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Hepatitis A Outbreak in teh U.S.

“Hepatitis A Outbreak in the US: What You Need to Know to Help Protect Yourself and Your Patients”. Join the conversation between ACEP Frontline Director, Dr. Ryan Stanton and Dr. Frank LoVecchio. 
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Could it be Hyperammonemia? It Could!

Drs. Karen Eigen and George Dia‪z
Have you ever wondered when you should consider hyperammonemia in a patient? She’s a pediatric emergency physician and he’s a metabolic geneticist focusing on rare diseases. Listen to this kitchen table conversation between Dr. Karen Eigen and Dr. George Diaz about the signs and symptoms and the risks of high ammonia. Together, they’ll talk about their experiences, and what we can do to raise the clinical suspicion of hyperammonemia in the emergency department. This podcast is sponsored by Horizon Therapeutics.
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"Geeking Out" on Immunotherapy and It Complications

Immune-related therapies are growing in cancer care as modern treatments utilize our own systems to attack the disease. This also means clinicians will see a growing numbers of these patients in the emergency department with complications from these interventions. Listen to the chat with Dr. Chris Coyne who is "geeking out" about the technology and the clinicians role in emergency medicine.
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