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Prehospital Guidelines

SEMPA is working with multiple national organizations in the ongoing effort to develop, implement and evaluate prehospital evidence-based guidelines (EBGs). The National Prehospital Evidence-Based Guidelines Strategy developed by the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) with involvement of 57 stakeholder organizations recognized a need to develop sustainable relationships among stakeholders and facilitate collaborative prehospital EBG efforts. The first proposed action of the Strategy was creation of a Prehospital Guidelines Consortium (PGC) representing national medical and EMS organizations that have an interest in prehospital EBGs and their benefits to patient outcomes. 

The Consortium’s objectives are to promote: 

  • EMS EBG development research
  • Development of EMS EBGs
  • Education related to EMS EBGs
  • Implementation of EMS EBGs
  • Standardized evaluation methods for EMS EBGs
  • Funding for EMS EBGs-related projects​​​

There are a number of prehospital evidence-based guidelines resources that you might find helpful.