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Postgraduate Training & Practice Guidelines

Since its inception, SEMPA has actively engaged in training, supporting, advocating and integrating physician assistants into the practice of emergency medicine. Additionally, throughout its history, SEMPA has been closely linked with colleague organizations in addressing the issues confronting emergency health care issues. 

In particular, SEMPA convened and consulted with professional organization colleagues to address issues that affect the practice of emergency medicine including work force issues, creating continuing education opportunities, and advocating for patients. 

During the course of those discussions, SEMPA reflected on the role of the emergency medicine physician assistant in an effort to provide the leadership and support needed for the profession. In doing so, SEMPA leaders identified a number of issues that would impact the future of the profession, and concluded that there needed to be a standard of quality training and experience for physician assistants entering emergency medicine. 

SEMPA’s goal in developing EMPA Postgraduate Training & Practice Guidelines was to provide standards for training and educational opportunities to prepare physician assistants entering emergency medicine.  

Click here for a PDF of the SEMPA Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Postgraduate Training & Practice Guidelines